The Backroom by Garage Project


For intimate gatherings with a unique edge, check out The Backroom by Garage Project. Your meetings, lunches and more will never be cooler.

Welcome to The Backroom, a modern space filled with wooden tables, cinder block walls and some of our favourite artwork. At Garage Project, we're all about redesigning and reimagining the world as what it could be. There's no better place to do the very same than our curated meeting space, perfect for smaller groups to enjoy meetings, informal dinners and so much more. While our space can be the blank canvas you're looking for, it also comes with a perk like none other: beer tastings. Join us in The Backroom for delicious tastings in between your musings, or model your entire experience around it. Whatever you choose, Garage Project is here to offer you and your guests a creative and interactive addition to your event. If you're looking to try something new, you can put together a tasting flight as a way of exploring what Garage Project is all about or you can have one of our crew talk you and your team through a curated tasting of our craft beers and natural wines. We also offer a simple but well-crafted selection of food to match the beer. Talk to us about your event. We're a team full of ideas and are excited to help you plan your function. Fostering like-minded companies and individuals, collaborating with other industry leaders, is a big part of what we love to do. We want to try something new, innovate - and have a really good time doing it.











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