Howick Historical Village


Take a slice of the past with you with Howick Historical Village, a venue with a full history that will lend your event an unmatched atmosphere.

Howick Historical Village offers its pristine grounds and several different spaces for hire for your event. Flexible and spacious, this venue is located just outside the city and brings with it a sense of charming history, whether you're looking to host a conference, wedding, meeting or more. Surrounded by blooming gardens and carefully-preserved buildings, this venue is as unique as it is tranquil, making for a lovely venue choice. There are several spaces for hire at Howick Historical Village, including Bell House, a historic house featuring French doors that open onto a large verandah and plenty of natural light, as well as a modern kitchen; the Historic Church, built in 1852, with white walls and wooden pews in all its old-world glamour; Brindle Cottage, also built in 1852, serving as a cosy and private space for more intimate events; and, of course, the expertly manicured grounds and gardens, with ponds and rustic cottages in the background. Howick Historical Village also boasts a full kitchen that is available for use for your event, making the large hall suitable for workshops, exhibitions, and other functions. With so much history and open air, this venue is beloved by its community and is sure to give your function an atmosphere like none other.





Bell House




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