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Auckland DJs - The Complete Guide

by Raashka Mannie | 14 Nov 2021

An event is never complete without the perfect backtrack. When looking at Auckland event DJs for hire, it’s a challenge to know which one will perfectly complement your function and keep your guests coming back to the dance floor again and again. Experience, professionalism and recognition are some of the main deciding factors in hiring a DJ. We’ve put together a guide of some of the most notable Auckland DJs, each with oodles of expertise and unique specialties in genre. If it's Auckland Wedding DJs you're after, check out the range on Auckland Weddings.

Jarom Hall

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An open-format DJ with endless flexibility, Jarom Hall is an in-demand Auckland DJ. He knows how to get the crowd going with an awesome selection of beats, with a particular penchant for Classic Hits, Top 40s and Pop. Jarom Hall has blazed a trail around the globe with his music career, touring through Vietnam, Australia, Japan and more. Locally, he maintains regular residences at city hotspots, such as Saturday's, Dr Rudi's, World Bar and others.


Sam Jones

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Sam Jones brings you everything and more. As a pianist, saxophonist, flautist, singer and producer, he goes above and beyond to ensure that your corporate entertainment is unparalleled. From touring around the country to playing countless private events, he has developed a reputation for excellence. Sam Jones has worked with a host of local talent, including Bailey Wiley and Laughton Kora, Samson Live, Tiki Taane, Barnaby Weir and Bailey Wiley.


Mia Paris

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Back from an 8-year tour of Europe, Mia Paris is as worldly as it gets when it comes to music. Her speciality lies in electronic music, blending funk, soul, house, disco, hip hop and pop to result in hypnotic tunes. Her background is extensive, from drumming as a teenager to collaborating with live violinists to create something remarkable. Mia Paris' impressive international client list includes The weeknd, Dita Von Teese, Katy Perry, Queen & Adam Lambert, Kanye West and more.



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Zeisha Fremaux has been voted #1 Best Female DJ in New Zealand by She specialises in just about every genre, from Commercial Top 40 Pop tunes to Classics, switching up her sound and style to match the energy and rhythm of the audience. With her past clients including several notable brands, such as E! Entertainment, Spark Arena, Moët and more, Zeisha is sure to bring a special touch to your event.


Andy JV

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With over 15 years of experience on the scene, Andy JV is a seasoned professional with a unique style that will make any event memorable, filling the venue with his signature sound and catchy tunes. His favoured genres are Hip Hop, Pop, Classics, House, Soul and Funk, but he won’t hesitate to branch out to get the dance floor pumping. He has been tailoring setlists to events for years, from parties to launches, and knows just how to work the room.


Phillip Louis-Marie

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Phillip Louis-Marie brings with him more than 20 years of DJing experience and has worked hundreds of events. As a result, he delivers truly top-quality entertainment. He has extensive music knowledge, an expert with almost any genre you can think of, including Soul, Funk, Reggae, Rock, Disco, Latin, Hip-Hop, R’n’B, House, Britpop, Dance, Electronic and Top 40. He will take your guests on a ‘musical journey,’ ensuring your event is as unique as it is exciting.


Phoebe Falconer

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After 5 years in the States, where she was a DJ for some of LA’s hottest clubs, Phoebe Falconer has returned to Auckland and is more in demand than ever for any and every event. Specialising in Pop and Top 40, she has been working events for years, be it a product launch or a cocktail party. She tailors the setlist to the mood of the event and can read the room to get the party started.


General Lee

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As one of New Zealand’s most well-known and respected DJs, General Lee has been making a name for himself for the last decade. He has been chosen as the DJ of choice for international artists such as Coldplay, Robbie Williams and Duran Duran, and should be a top choice when picking an Auckland DJ for your event.


Murry Sweetpants

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Murry Sweetpants had humble beginnings on the then independent radio station. With his extensive and varied background, he can work with any genre but specialises in Classic Hits, Pop and Top 40. He often travels to Australia to play for private events and clients and is known for perfecting the ambience of the spaces and functions he works his magic on.


DJ Kayde


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DJ Kayde has been performing since 2008, with a fondness for the old school classics: the 70s, 80s and 90s are his forte. However, he’s as flexible as they come and is perfectly happy to move between genres as diverse as Top 40, House, Disco, R’n’B and Hip Hop, making him a perfect choice for any event. With over 10 years’ experience in his back pocket and a host of corporate and private functions under his belt, DJ Kayde comes dressed for success.


Zach Martin

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Zach (aka Brix) is a jack of all trades, with numerous bookings at weddings, private functions and events. He can work with pretty much any genre but specialises in Classic Hits, Pop, Top 40, Funk & Soul and R'n'B. He is focused on bringing the best of the best to your guests and is sure to make your function shine as one of Auckland’s most in-demand DJs.


Greg Potter

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Greg Potter, going by the stage name of ASONE, is an Auckland-based DJ and music producer with a passion for the powerful. He leans towards high-energy sound packed with good vibes, making him a crowd favourite at every event. He loves Pop and Top 40, as well as setting the dance floor ablaze, and will give your event a distinctive and exciting edge.


Grant Marshall

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Grant Marshall is all about having a good time. He has more than 20 years of DJing experience and endless musical knowledge under his hat. Grant is the perfect event DJ to hire when looking at decorated professionals, with a setlist of genres including everything from Classic Hits to Pop and the ever-beloved Top 40. He has been booked for events both large and small, private and corporate, and brings seasoned talent like few others.



Rose Alice

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Since 2004, Rose Alice has been lighting up the DJ scene with her soulful blend of House, Funk and Electronica. She has perfected the art of upping moods with infectious beats, creating a buzzing atmosphere that will have guests at any event hopping to their feet. She comes from a varied musical background, both a singer and songwriter in her past, making her a favourite choice for an event DJ.


Peter Urlich

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Peter Urlich has been spinning records since 1980, mastering a host of genres along the way. He’s the former lead singer of legendary rock band Th' Dudes and has always held that love of music within him. He specialises in Classic Hits, Pop and Top 40, and will bring an electric energy to your event that few can match. You can trust that your function will have the perfect setlist with Peter’s expertise by your side.


Kieran Bell

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Kieran Bell is highly experienced and professional, coming with state-of-the-art sound systems and custom lighting systems to boot. Not only is he a detail-orientated and talented event DJ, but can also serve as the MC for your event if required. He can mix with every genre across the board, with a speciality of the Top 40s. He welcomes meetings to craft your very own setlist for your event, giving you a personalised experience like few others.


Karn Hall

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Karn Hall has over two decades of experience in the DJ industry and is well-respected at high-profile New Zealand events. Karn can be found at a myriad of private and corporate events, with regular bookings as a result of his expertise and flexible nature. He specialises in Classic Hits, Pop, Top 40, and Funk & Soul, and will certainly keep guests at your event dancing all night long.


Lewis McCallum

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Lewis McCallum offers an extraordinary and unusual experience, balancing live music and DJ skills. He offers live saxophone and the optional of vocals from the talented Yuli Quay. Infusing his in-depth knowledge of jazz into his love of DJing, he will create a truly memorable experience for your guests with his innovation. Lewis brings with him the same exclusive experience and talent he brings to all of his functions, both private and corporate, as one of Auckland’s most noteworthy event DJs.

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