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The Top 35 Private Dining Venues in Auckland

by Raashka Mannie | 18 May 2022

Private dining in Auckland can mean so many things. Gala dinners signal for larger spaces, taking into account styling, theming and more. More intimate affairs call for more personalised functions and cosier venues with a fashionable edge. Thankfully, the city provides us with an abundance of attractive options when planning all private dining experiences. From contemporary classic to plush and warm, there is no shortage of amazing venues throughout Auckland, equipped with experienced in-house teams and chic spaces for your private function. For our complete guide to venues for hire in Auckland, click here.

Cordis, Auckland

Image by Cordis

For a private dining experience in a plush hotel, look no further than Cordis. This Auckland venue is the biggest hotel across the nation thanks to its latest space, the Pinnacle Tower, and is known for its events expertise. They are distinguished by seamless service, attention to detail and the latest high-tech solutions. Cordis is home to the largest pillar-free ballroom in Auckland, as well as a whole host of spaces that would perfectly cater to your event. Pick between meeting rooms, boardrooms and more with a venue that provides on-site catering options and a personal events executive. Cordis can host up to 1,150 of your guests and reside within the very heart of Auckland City. When it comes to your private dining event, they go above and beyond with a world-class catering and banquet service and unending attention to detail. In addition to this, they also boast an on-site spa and more than enough accommodation options for you and your lucky guests.


Tui Hills

Image by Tui Hills

Travel to the bush-covered Waitakere Ranges and find Tui Hills, surrounded by a magical native garden. This Auckland venue makes for an incredible event space just 30 minutes outside of the city centre. With a maximum capacity of 120 guests, Tui Hills is a light-filled and flexible venue for your private dining affair. They take care of all the fine details, including audiovisual equipment and assistance, transport, catering and much more. Pick between Nikau Pavilion, The Nectar Room and Kowhai Glade for your Auckland event. From sipping wine in their outdoor garden to sitting down to a sumptuous dinner in an open, airy room, Tui Hills can be the perfect Auckland venue for you.


The Riverhead

Image by The Riverhead

Framed by flourishing greenery and tranquil waters, The Riverhead is a private dining venue you can't pass by. As an exclusive and flexible venue that offers itself up for hire, it has everything you need and more for your function. Outdoors, indoors or a nice mix, this Auckland venue is all about giving you options amidst cosy beauty and convenience. With your catering taken care of by on-site suppliers, plenty of natural light and multiple spaces to choose between, The Riverhead is one of the finest venues on the fringes of Auckland. Their spaces include The Boat House and Deacon's Kitchen, as well as exclusive hire of the venue.


The Grange

Image by The Grange

The Grange is situated in the ever-busy Takapuna and thrives in its hub away from the city centre. An eatery with a European influence, this Auckland venue is the ideal modern option for an array of events, especially private dining. It boasts tasty catering options, sunny service and audiovisual equipment upon request. The Grange specialises in bespoke private events, with a total of 7 spaces for you to choose from. These include the Main Dining Room, Terrace, Greenhouse, Private Dining Room, Inside Bar, Outside Bar and Arbor. You can combine these spaces to create a more unique setting for your Auckland event or hire exclusive sections for whatever you please. Designed with a sense of ease and grace in mind, this Auckland venue delivers the very best to your private dining function.


Cocoon House

Image by Cocoon House

Cocoon House will ensure that your evening of private dining is a bespoke delight. As home to Auckland's most exclusive events, this stunning space is a toast to contemporary style. Featuring a total of 3 floors, it offers a multitude of rooms for you to choose from for your private dining event. From the dining room to the private bar, it exudes unmatched elegance, surrounded by modern décor and filled with swathes of natural light. Cocoon House has a maximum capacity of 40 guests, making it perfect for intimate, private functions. This Auckland venue boasts top-notch service, audiovisual supplies and a curated experience that will leave your guests in awe.


Crown Range Lounge

Image by Crown Range Lounge

From sophisticated soirées to easygoing luncheons, the Crown Range Lounge is your go-to Auckland private dining venue. Now partnered with local Parnell restaurants, this inviting space offers a plethora of options for your upcoming function. Pick between their Courtyard, Clubroom or Lounge for your cocktail party, private dining experience or celebration, with a capacity of up to 80 guests. Crown Range Lounge hinges on a sense of relaxed luxury, often a private and tailored experience for you and your lucky guests, brought to you by attentive staff and meticulous planning.


Woodhouse Mountain Lodge

Image by Woodhouse Mountain Lodge

Private dining at Woodhouse Mountain Lodge promises green beauty and total peace. Spanning 100 acres of private land known as Kōurawhero Estate, this is an intimate Auckland venue that is chock-full of all the amenities you could ask for, including catering options, on-site parking and audiovisual requirements. Resultantly, it is one of Auckland's preferred venues for private dining events that want a sense of exclusivity, surrounded by gorgeous views, fresh air and a sense of serenity. Woodhouse Mountain Lodge features on-site accommodation options for up to 36 guests; it has a maximum capacity of 60 guests overall. Spend your dinner, luncheon and other private dining event with views of the Hauraki Gulf, breathtaking from end to end.


Warkworth Hotel

Image by Warkworth Hotel

Dip into old-world festivities with Warkworth Hotel. An hour's drive from central Auckland, this hotel may be off the beaten path, but it's a getaway worth taking. Sporting comfortable accommodation options, divine catering, attentive staff and more, this is an Auckland private dining venue that goes the extra mile for its guests. Warkworth Hotel has a total of three different spaces for hire, including their private dining room, lobby and courtyard; if you're taking things to the next level, you can hire out the entire venue. Packing plenty of style and experience, this Auckland venue is a perfect choice for conferences, seminars, meetings, and much more.



Image by Glasshouse

You'll feel a million miles away at Glasshouse, a private dining venue that brings you a mythical experience. Dubbed an urban oasis, this flexible Auckland venue combines idyllic greenery and a sleek industrial setting, presenting itself as one of the city's most beloved and chic spaces. Suitable for a range of events, including seated dinners of up to 180 people, cocktail events for up to 350 people and other functions, Glasshouse offers a stylish and unique location. With its signature glass roof, there is no shortage of natural light. Coupled with its contemporary charm and experienced events team, you'll be planning a private dinner that will leave your guests in awe.


Smiths & Stables

Image by Smiths & Stables

Located on 50 acres of rolling hills, paddocks and vineyards in Matakana, Smiths & Stables is a versatile private dining venue option outside of central Auckland. With the space to fit more than 500 guests inside and over 1000 using the courtyards and lawn, the potential for this unique rural venue is endless. Smiths & Stables also has 2 restaurants and 2 bars, expansive manicured lawns, and 2 sheltered courtyards to boot. It’s a delightful mixture of contemporary and rustic, with a wonderful outdoor/indoor flow that few venues can match.



Image by Okahu

Sitting on the very cusp of Okahu Bay is the stunning Okahu. Gaze out at glimmering waters spreading all around, with spectacular views of Rangitoto and the harbour in sight. With its modern finish and the beach a stone's throw away, Okahu offers an ideal setting for private dining. Their attentive staff and exceptional customer service are essential factors in why this venue is so sought after. Okahu makes your day easier by providing professional catering, beverage management, and floral arrangements. They're a mere 5km from the city centre, with a capacity of up to 250 guests. Okahu is Auckland's premier waterfront venue.


Markovina Vineyard Estate

Image by Markovina Vineyard Estate

There's nothing like wining to accompany your private dining. Markovina Vineyard Estate is found in the wine-making district of Kumeu. Valleys, vineyards and nature surround this Auckland venue. With a purpose-built venue to host private dining functions that are as stylish as they are sumptuous, they are a family-owned and -operated space with plenty of experience. Facilities include mouthwatering catering options, on-site parking, as well as both outdoor and indoor spaces to host your event. This Auckland venue can accommodate up to 300 guests, ensuring that your evening of private dining can be as big or as small as you prefer. From gala dinners to intimate meals, Markovina Vineyard Estate caters to it all.


Connemara Country Lodge

Image by Connemara Country Lodge

Spread out on plenty of rolling farmland and boasting views of Manukau Harbour, Connemara Country Lodge is an Auckland venue for all. Its centrepiece is a grand, comfy country house with spacious decking and light-filled rooms. You can have your function on the manicured lawns, beneath a string of fairy lights or tucked away in a marquee. Connemara Country Lodge hosts up to 100 guests, with accommodation for up to 8 so you and your guests can rest easy before or after the big bash. Facilities include multiple locations for your private dining event; there are BYO options, plenty of on-site parking and more.



Image by Bracu

Settled against an emerald backdrop, Bracu is an Auckland venue that outdoes itself. They feature a total of 5 spaces to pick from, including The Pavilion, Restaurant, Wine Library, Boardroom and Simu Homestead. Hosting up to 190 guests, this Auckland venue is famed for its versatility and location. Just under an hour's drive from the city centre, Bracu is a purpose-built events centre that specialises in curated private events. Sporting top-of-the-line audiovisual supplies and fantastic on-site catering options, they pride themselves on bringing you the total package. The team at Bracu is as seasoned as they come, with tons of suggestions and experience regarding functions. Private dining at this Auckland venue is planned effortlessly, with everything taken care of from top to bottom.


East Street Hall

Image by East Street Hall

East Street Hall is a multi-purpose Auckland venue that will make your private dining event an affair to remember. Once a community hall part of a Samoan church, this Auckland venue now functions as a mid-century modernist building that hosts an array of private functions. Catering for up to 250 guests, it is filled with natural light and has all the amenities you're after, including audiovisual supplies, on-site catering options and attentive service. East Street Hall features a total of 4 spaces for hire for your Auckland event, including the Courtyard, Canteen, Summer Deck and Bar; if you're keen for a more exclusive night, you can hire out the entirety of the venue and go to town. With a menu inspired by the food culture of Tel Aviv, your night of private dining will be the hit of the season.


Space on Crummer

Image by Space on Crummer

Found in the midst of bustling Ponsonby, Space on Crummer is an Auckland venue that is modern, light-filled and ideal for private dining. Their spaces are flexible, including the Main Area and Courtyard, hosting anywhere from 50 to 160 guests. This Auckland venue was designed with adaptability in mind, featuring white walls and steel beams for a contemporary look. Inside, Space on Crummer also boasts a full on-site kitchen for your caterer's use, whilst the sheltered Courtyard serves as the perfect breakaway area to mix and mingle. Private dining events, from large dinners to intimate meals over wine, will take place in this exclusive venue in total peace. With multiple styling, theming and catering options, you won't be disappointed.


Vineyard Cottages

Image by Vineyard Cottages

On the quiet borders of Auckland Central, Vineyard Cottages brings you repose from the hustle and bustle. Kitted out with rustic charm in a countryside setting, this Auckland venue is the ideal setting for private dining events, spread out across 5.5 acres of greenery. Their spaces include the Conference Room, Dining Room and Cottage, with a total capacity of 50 guests. Facilities include on-site accommodation, catering, audiovisual equipment, parking and more. Vineyard Cottages is a sunlit and self-sufficient Auckland private dining venue, bringing you the best of the great outdoors.



Image by Hilton

If you're going to enjoy private dining, why not do so in one of the best venues in Auckland? Resting on the edge of the waterfront and offering awe-inspiring views is Hilton. This iconic venue provides an equally iconic snapshot of Auckland in every direction. The Hilton boasts 7 multi-purpose event spaces, all bathed in natural light and equipped with gorgeous sundecks. This Auckland venue can host up to 700 of your guests, lending any event hosted an air of seamless luxury and success alongside its impressive name. Just a 20 km drive from the airport, this hotel venue specialises in private functions. Toss in their superb catering and plush accommodation, and you've got a real winner when choosing your Auckland venue. Their committed and experienced events team is a cherry on top, helping you plan and execute a flawless private dining experience.


Abbeville Estate

Image by Abbeville Estate

Rustic charm awaits you at Abbeville Estate, just moments away from Auckland Airport. Whether you're looking to host your event on their emerald lawns or stay cosy inside, this venue can accommodate up to 350 guests in any one of their spaces. These include the Homestead, Barn, Dining Room and Garden Room, mixed and matched at your request. The hewn timber frames speak of over 150 years of history; below your feet, rustic flooring adds an earthiness to Abbeville Estate. They even boast a kitchen garden that provides herbs and more for on-site catering for your upcoming event. Private dining takes on a certain warmth with this Auckland venue, bursting with sunny service and verdant surroundings.



Image by Pilkingtons

For a restaurant venue cloaked in style, check out Pilkingtons. This Auckland venue is conveniently located in the very heart of the city. A multi-layered event space, they specialise in both formal and casual private dining events with an endless sense of flexibility. They're a breezy 20-minute drive from the airport, surrounded by a plethora of city activities and accommodation. Pilkingtons will allocate a personal events manager to help with organising and managing your event to ensure it's both memorable and successful. Depending on the size of your group or style of event, Pilkingtons has a seating capacity for up to 100 guests. Treat your guests to glimmering city views, sumptuous dining and more at this Auckland venue.


Kauri Bay Boomrock

Image by Kauri Bay Boomrock

You'll be wrapped in tranquil views with Kauri Bay Boomrock, sitting on the Hauraki Gulf in all its glory. Any way you look, it's sparkling waters, verdant nature and blue skies. The team at Kauri Bay Boomrock specialises in event management and hosting. They're dedicated to helping your event achieve unprecedented levels of success with their prowess. Settled on a gorgeous 500-acre property in Clevedon with panoramic views, Kauri Bay Boomrock is unrivalled in its versatility and can cater for up to 200 of your guests. Your private dining event will be the toast of the town, courtesy of their catering, styling and more. Facilities include plenty of on-site parking, audiovisual supplies and assistance, floods of natural light and more.


Fantail & Turtle

Image by Fantail & Turtle

Let the good times roll at Fantail & Turtle. This Auckland venue is an eatery that has it all: two bars, a community brewery, an expansive all-weather outdoor area and plenty of local taps to choose from. Ideal for cocktail parties, private dining and more, Fantail & Turtle hosts up to 200 guests. Their forte is their seasonal sharing menu, perfect for nibbling as you and your guests chat away. They also feature fantastic on-site catering and a drinks list that includes local craft beer, real ale, cider, over fifty wines, kombucha and more. Fantail & Turtle is a flexible and relaxed Auckland venue, ideal for your upcoming private dining experience.


Little Wilderness

Image by Little Wilderness

Take your private dining off-the-grid with Little Wilderness. This Auckland venue specialises in hosting functions with an environmentally-friendly edge in the heart of Kumeu, just 30km from Auckland City. They can host up to 80 people in their event space, with a team dedicated to helping you plan and run an incredible day. Their overall design is a contemporary take on the antipodean shed: a rough, utilitarian construction featuring unique designs make it a perfect hosting space, both malleable and full of character. Little Wilderness has 3 spaces for hire, including the Shed and Top Lawn, Gypsy Orchard and Firepit Area. Little Wilderness is a premier venue choice whether you're after an outdoor or indoor private dining function.


Viaduct Yacht Club

Image by Viaduct Yacht Club Trattoria Moderna

Found in the famous and vibrant Viaduct Harbour, Viaduct Yacht Club Trattoria Moderna pulls out all the stops for your event. A unique venue in the heart of the city, they stage world-class private dining experiences. Accommodating up to 200 guests, they are relaxed by day and glamorous by night - the ideal balance. VYC Trattoria Moderna brings you contemporary dining when it comes to your menus, with local ingredients and a keen eye for detail. Beloved as both a modish venue for something more casual, as well as for much fancier affairs, you can rest assured you're in good hands with them. VYC Trattoria Moderna also happens to provide all the final touches you need for your private dining event. These include entertainment, music, styling, florals, audiovisual supplies and more.


Ocean Groove Cruises

Image by Ocean Groove Cruises

You're invited to take your private dining event to the water with Ocean Groove Cruises. Sailing across the seas with your guests is the ultimate way to celebrate with their bespoke space for hire. Based in the serene Westhaven Marina, this Auckland venue is a little different given that it's an event boat. They pride themselves on catering to any and every occasion as best they can, from cocktail nights to private dining, offering entertainment of every kind and sublime service. Ocean Groove Cruises boasts a series of flexible and useful packages for your Auckland function, with hourly rates that will match your event's need, as well as a myriad of handy facilities for you and up to 50 guests.


Luxerose Secret Garden

Image by Luxerose Secret Garden

Luxerose Secret Garden is located in Parnell amongst their breathtaking Rose Gardens, set in serene beauty. Moments away from the CBD, this Auckland venue offers a host of spaces for intimate, private dining events, with bespoke catering options that will wow you and your guests. Suited for up to 100 guests, Luxerose Secret Garden boasts plenty of natural light, a myriad of styling options, complimentary WiFi, and audiovisual equipment and assistance. This Auckland venue is a premier choice for smaller private dining in the heart of a tranquil garden. They boast personalised service that turns any private dining experience into a seamless affair.


The Grounds at Whoa! Studios

Image by The Grounds at Whoa! Studios

Welcome to an events space that is as flexible as they come. Choose to host your private dining function at this multi-purpose and modern Auckland venue, located only 15 km from the CBD and 30 km from the airport. With plenty of natural light, an expansive outdoor space and a restaurant, The Grounds at Whoa! Studios is a wonderful venue option in Auckland that can host up to 500 guests. They offer on-site catering options and have a dedicated team on hand to help with the planning and running of your event. With a total of 6 spaces for hire, from their Mezzanine to their Red Carpet, you're looking at the cream of the crop with this Auckland venue. Private dining just got a whole lot more exclusive with The Grounds at Whoa! Studios.


Tabula Rasa

Image by Tabula Rasa

Framed by lush gardens and a sparkling infinity pool, this Auckland venue is as beautiful as it gets. 30 minutes from both the airport and city centre, Tabula Rasa boasts plenty of fully-equipped indoor options with fully integrated digital presentation equipment. Their commercial kitchen offers you a range of menus and options to suit your private dining experience, backed up by impeccable service. With a capacity of 100 guests, it has a range of activities to delight your guests, from lawn games to strolls around their immaculate gardens. Saunter around to their gazebo or dine under green canopies with Tabula Rasa. They're here to cater to your private dining event meticulously from start to finish.


Delamore Lodge

Image by Delamore Lodge

Delamore Lodge is a gorgeous resort venue that will make your private dining experience otherworldly. You can expect more with this Auckland venue, located on the sunny and idyllic Waiheke Island. Offering privacy and a break from routine, Delamore Lodge hosts all manner of private events. They can accommodate up to 60 delegates in their purpose-built Wharenui Pavilion, with audiovisual equipment and access to high-speed WiFi. Their outdoor spaces do a little more work, extending up to 90 guests in sunlit paradise. A combination of their spaces results in 120 guests milling around in their magical venue. Delamore Lodge also offers on-site catering, luxurious accommodation, and plenty of travel and transfer options.


St Matthew's

Image by St Matthew's

Blending classic architecture with high-tech lighting technology turns this venue into a dreamy location for private dining. St Matthew's is an Auckland venue that hosts up to 250 seated guests, meaning your private dining function can be as big or small as you like. In hiring this venue, you have complete control over catering, beverages, entertainment and more. The seasoned team at St Matthew's can provide a list of preferred vendors should you need it. This iconic Auckland venue makes the ideal location for inner-city events, including gala dinners, cocktail parties and more. With a sophisticated, characterful charm to it, your private dining event will be everything you dreamed of and more.



Image by Everybody's

One of the busiest and best spots in all of Auckland, Everybody's is the place to go when it comes to stylish functions. Located in the city centre and right beside a popular club, The Roxy, this Auckland venue helps events thrive. This restaurant-bar and function space has customisable function menus for your private dining experience. Everybody's can play host to several events, from gala dinners to cocktail parties, with its contemporary atmosphere and European-inspired menu. The stunning interior design will give your function the 'wow' factor that every event planner dreams of. Choose between their Long Couch, Portico and Suite for your private dining event.


Image by Jeremy Toth Photography

Say hello to fresh ocean views and a fresher menu at Ostro. This is a Brasserie and Bar on the water's edge famed for its inspired, locally sourced menu with a seasonal edge. This Auckland venue offers tranquil views of Waitemata Harbour and Takutai square, as well as a liberal mix of outdoor and indoor seating for a breezy flow between the views and the contemporary interior. Ostro can host anywhere from 20 to 150 guests for events such as cocktail parties, delicious dinners, private dining, and so much more. They boast a dedicated team at your beck and call, ready to help elevate your private dining function to new levels.



Image by Lotus Doors NZ

Pick between a myriad of stunning spaces at Seafarers. Settled in the city's bustling harbour, this Auckland venue is a wonderful choice for your private dining event. Choose between 4 different spaces for your function: Green Room, Matisse Room, Tommys and Seven, all with an individual charm and varying capacities. As the name suggests, the Green Room offers flourishing greenery, velvet and a distinct mood; Seven is a restaurant venue that brings all manner of Asiatic delicacies. Seafarers aim to provide a wide range of spaces for your event, with the same sense of convenience and luxury across the board. Your private dining experience promises to be as sublime as their bespoke menu.

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