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Corporate Catering - The Complete Guide

by Raashka Mannie | 02 Nov 2020

Catering is the backbone of events. It’s the proverbial cherry atop the rest of your function, whether it’s casual drinks and canapés or a gala dinner with fabulous course after course. Choosing the right caterer can be quite the process, particularly when filtering through everything that New Zealand has to offer. As an enthusiastic and food-loving lot, it’s no surprise that there is a true cornucopia of corporate caterers sprinkled across the country, many of which come with awards, accolades and more to sweeten the deal. We’ve put together a list of some of the best New Zealand corporate caterers, designed to help you find the right caterer for you whether you’re in Auckland, Wanaka or anywhere in between.

Artisan Catering

Image by Artisan Catering

Queenstown catering at its finest, Artisan Catering is exactly as their name suggests: creators of the fine art of food. Handmade from scratch, with tailored menus and personalised service, they have over a decade of experience in corporate catering and can whip up just the menu to make your Queenstown event a roaring success. Artisan Catering has a flair for creative and delicious food with a unique touch, paired with an events management team that works by your side throughout to ensure that every detail is taken care of. On top of corporate catering, they also offer private function catering (mostly weddings), as well as a personal chef service for those nights you’re looking for something extra special.


Munch Catering

Image by Munch Catering

Award-winning chef Ben Batterbury is the driving force behind Munch Catering, a Queenstown caterer that knows their way around the table when it comes to corporate catering. Using fresh, seasonal and local produce is their favourite standard practice, and they offer it all when it comes to catering, including private dinners, cooking lessons and bespoke events. Ben’s menus are bursting with the best the South Island has to offer, sourced through his close-knit network of local suppliers. Munch Catering is dedicated, creative and hard-working, with plenty of experience in corporate catering and with several menus for you to pick from. If you want something with more pizzazz, you can always have a chat with them about a menu tailored to your requirements.


The Difference Catering

Image by The Difference Catering

You’re about to taste the difference that a Michelin-starred chef. You’ll delight your guests with The Difference Catering, especially with a team that has 56 years of collective experience in the industry. They focus on natural and sustainable meals, cutting the additives and embracing organic and free-range options. The Difference Catering does it all, from private events to corporate catering. Based in Auckland, they are renown for their professional, friendly team, superb menus and conscientious practices. With a genuine love for food, their team has a background that extends from running restaurants and high-end eateries to private dining, putting together mouthwatering meals that are sure to knock your socks off.


Montana Food & Events

Image by Montana Food & Events

What makes an event truly remarkable? Why, remarkable catering, of course. Montana Food & Events knows this all too well and goes to great lengths to ensure that your corporate catering leaves your guests singing nothing but praises. Established in 1965, Montana Food & Events has been in the business of food for a long time, which is part of the reason why they’re experts when it comes to bespoke menus and meals like none other. From their state-of-the-art integrated food preparation to a finely-honed delivery system, these Auckland-based caterers are experts in the field of catering. Using fresh, delicious ingredients makes all the difference, cooked using top of the range production facilities and delivered to your table within minutes. Specialising in corporate catering and business events, they’re a perfect choice.


Black Pineapple

Image by Black Pineapple

The maestros of sugar, spice and everything nice, Black Pineapple is an Auckland-based caterer specialising in drinks, themed bars and incredible service. With flair, style and imagination, they put together thrilling themed bars and delicious beverages for any event - including the corporate bash you’re planning. Their drinks menu is designed to mirror the theme of your function, whether it’s black-tie class or a relaxed cocktail evening. Black Pineapple believes in bringing excitement and stellar drinks to corporate catering, alongside service with a smile and a fresh squeeze of lemon with your cocktail.


Jess' Underground Kitchen

Image by Jess' Underground Kitchen

Jess' Underground Kitchen is the wholesome answer to your corporate catering search. Their team is built on the foundation of, above all else, loving food. Their menus are fresh, hand-crafted and entirely personalised to your event, be it a meeting, seminar, conference or more. Choose between traditional favourites or something wholly new and brilliant with Jess' Underground Kitchen, as they love to experiment with fresh, seasonal and local produce to create sumptuous meals. As a plus for all their eco-friendly corporate event planners, all their walk-and-fork menus are plated in compostable serveware. Inspired by so much, they work closely with their clients to guarantee that they are perfectly catered to from start to finish, baking in their belief that excellent events are made all the more so by excellent meals.


The Great Catering Co.

Image by The Great Catering Co.

Yes, they are as great as their name implies. For over two decades, The Great Catering Co. has been bringing Auckland incredible corporate catering, pushing the boundaries of innovation and expectations, with a talented team that is dedicated to bringing you the very best for your event. From street-style bites, boards, bowls and boxes, to perfectly presented plates and cocktails, they make sure to offer it all when it comes to corporate catering. Impeccable detail is the name of the game, and The Great Catering Co. has always been playing to win. With so much experience in the industry, it has given them plenty of opportunities to experiment and create, which has led to delicious discoveries that they’ll be happy to unveil at your upcoming corporate event.


In 2 Food

Image by In 2 Food

Using only the freshest, locally-sourced produce, In 2 Food is - you guessed it - really into food. With pride, commitment and care, they work tirelessly to put together fabulous meals and menus for corporate events of every size. Based in Queenstown, they offer corporate catering across the board, including all over the Queenstown Lakes District, and travel to Wanaka, Cromwell, Glenorchy and Kingston. Whether they’re catering to 50 or 1,000, In 2 Food will ensure that your experience is unforgettable. They’ve worked with countless venues over the years and have built solid relationships with them all due to their work ethic and incredible meals. Additionally, they care about the environment and have put into place a sustainability policy which continually strives to reduce emissions, landfills and waste. That’s food for thought, isn’t it?


Source Kitchen

Image by Source Kitchen

Creating bespoke menus from scratch, Source Kitchen is indeed the source of top-tier corporate catering. It’s their policy to work side by side with their clients, tailoring their menu to your needs, able to cater for all manner of events across Auckland. From intimate meetings to bustling conferences, these corporate caterers know how to whip up meals that will have everyone smiling from ear to ear. Source Kitchen is run out of Matakana by a duo of chefs with ladles of experience, boasting access to local farms, orchards and oceans. They collaborate with hand-picked suppliers to ensure that all their ingredients are the cream of the crop.


Aspiring Catering

Image by Aspiring Catering

They’re aspiring to be the best at Aspiring Catering - and succeeding! Located in Wanaka and bringing you full-serviced corporate catering, they believe in sustainable, environmentally-friendly catering using hand-picked, local organic produce. They carefully source their ingredients as ethically as possible, with a dedication to quality and taste. Aspiring Catering believes in quality over convenience, with a team that has formed strong bonds with venues and vendors throughout Central Otago. With more than three decades of experience, these corporate caterers will bring inspired menus to your conference, meeting, seminar and more, featuring friendly service, attention to detail and, most importantly of all, food that will blow your guests away.


Fully Pitted

Image by Fully Pitted

If you’re after corporate catering with a unique twist, Fully Pitted is the answer. Wanaka and Queenstown caterers specialising in gourmet pit BBQ catering, they curate meat-centric dishes with smokey tenderness sourced from the South Island and prepared with BBQs hailing from the heart of Texas, America. Their preparation is careful, selecting the choicest cuts of meat, seasoned with Fully Pitted’s special spice rub, then smoked for up to 12 hours. They also provide a range of homemade sauces, sides, salads, canapés and desserts to suit your preferences. If you’re after corporate catering that will offer something a little different, with a more relaxed feeling to it, get in touch with Fully Pitted and enjoy the delights of a slow-roast.


Taste Catering

Image by Taste Catering

A boutique corporate catering company situated in Auckland, Taste Catering specialises in contemporary, delicious food. Your corporate event will be spoiled by their passionate chefs and dedicated team, boasting individually-customised menus, high-quality ingredients and fresh ideas. They believe in maintaining a high standard of service, presentation and taste, with gourmet options that will please even the most discerning of palates. Taste Catering prides themselves on being adaptable - it’s their goal to meet the needs of your corporate event, be it an intimate meeting or large conference, providing you with personalised service throughout your function. Served with a flair, their food is as scrumptious as it is beautiful.



Image by Collective

Auckland and Wellington, you’ve met your corporate catering gurus. They cater for events across the board, from weddings to private dinners to meetings, whether it’s plated, buffet, walk-in, cocktails, platters or anything else you’ve got up your sleeve. Collective loves consistency in their quality, aiming for the same high standard of preparation, presentation and service with every corporate event they cater for. They also have collaborative options, allowing you to add as much or as little input as you’d like when it comes to designing your function’s menu. Trusted by hundreds and satisfying the tummies of thousands, Collective is a corporate cater that will never let you down.


Urban Gourmet

Image by Urban Gourmet

More than two decades of experience in the industry makes Urban Gourmet seasoned professionals - and that’s seasoned to perfection, mind you. Beautiful food that looks as good as it tastes is the name of their game. They combine partnership and experience with the most up-to-date and revolutionary catering practices, resulting in corporate catering that leaves clients in awe. With fresh, seasonal ingredients and a yen for the unique, they are constantly reinventing and experimenting, offering bespoke menus alongside their set options. Joy of joys, Urban Gourmet also has a Tasting Room, open to you once the menu and venue have been settled on, so you can sample the mouthwatering meals that’ll be sailing your way when your function rolls around - what a treat.


Serious Gourmet

Image by Serious Gourmet

Serious about food and serious about a good time, Serious Gourmet was established in 1999 by the savvy Joanne Synnott, who has over20 years of experience in the hospitality and food industry. Once a petite, home-based business, Serious Gourmet has grown exponentially over the years and is now located in a purpose-built kitchen in Auckland. With a knack for corporate catering, they cater to functions both large and small, be it finger food and snacks or individual menus for you and your guests. Serious Gourmet has an extensive selection of different options for corporate catering, home meals and takeout, catering to everyone in need of seriously good food. They also regularly post their wholesome and delicious recipes online, giving you the chance to try out some of the tasty things you’ll dig into at your event.


Free Range Chef

Image by Free Range Chef

Let your desires run free with Free Range Chef, a bespoke corporate catering company that is here to create the menu of your dreams. Utilising the best that New Zealand has to offer, their ingredients are locally-sourced, seasonal and as fresh as can be. Their menus are sophisticated and contemporary with a touch of tradition, mixing in a drop of the old with the new for classic meals with style. Free Range Chef specialises in fresh, clear flavours that settle easily on the palate, with a range of dishes to suit every event. From meetings to seminars, they’re here to give you the best of corporate catering - including, if you’re after it, a private chef experience.


Cote Catering

Image by Cote Catering

Cote Catering is named after the French Riviera and the Mediterranean sea - embodiments of class and style that they strive to reflect in their corporate catering. The duo behind Cote Catering is comprised of a mother and daughter, Donna and Rachel, with the former being a self-taught cook and the latter as an experienced businesswoman. Cote Catering offers signature packages and bespoke menus that are tailored to each client and event. Ensuring the freshest, tastiest, top quality and seasonal food that showcases New Zealand’s premium produce with no compromise on flavour is their aim. Delivering exceptional meals and experiences, they are sure to bring the vision of your corporate event’s menu to life.



Image by Scoff

Corporate and private catering extraordinaires, Scoff will make you want to do just that. They’re dedicated to bringing you sumptuous meals with personalised service from start to finish, guaranteeing lasting memories. From traditional canapés, platters and plated menus to the more inventive shared banquets and ‘fork in walk,’ Scoff goes out of their way to bring you innovative and wonderful meals that are inspired by your function. They believe that good food is all the better when shared with good colleagues, so they do their utmost to provide you with dishes you’ll savour. Whether it’s a set menu you’re choosing from or something entirely bespoke, Scoff promises you that they can find something to suit your tastes.

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