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Event Security - The Complete Guide

by Raashka Mannie | 06 Sep 2021

Everyone should feel safe and sound at events. There’s more to it than merely checking people at the door. It’s about the status of your event, the atmosphere, providing peace of mind, and, in some cases, acting as a professional host to welcome your guests. Event security around New Zealand is a niche business, so you can rest assured that the suppliers you can find around the country are good at what they do. Whether it’s crowd safety for exhibitions, concerts and the like, or corporate guards in snazzy suits that blend into your function, you can find the right event security for your needs. Here’s our comprehensive guide to the best event security in New Zealand.

Corporate Security

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Preferred event security for venues such as Glasshouse Morningside, Ellerslie Racecourse, TomTom, Sapphire and multiple others, Corporate Security runs the full gamut when it comes to event security. You not only get guaranteed safety at your event but also professional hosts that add to the elegant atmosphere of your function. Corporate Security has grown to be known as the go-to security professionals for celebrities and high profile visitors to New Zealand, and are available to hire as professional hosts and security guards for your corporate event. With their attention to detail and experience, they provide top-notch event security for events in Auckland and beyond.



Image by Cityguard

With a dogma of guarding their communities, Cityguard is an Auckland-based event security service that has worked with venues in Queens Wharf, Viaduct Harbour, Wynard Quarter, Newmarket and more. They were also part of the event security for the massively successful 2011 Rugby World Cup, managing over 200,000 fans that converged to celebrate the occasion. Cityguard is here to help your brand with options such as static guards, mobile patrols, Electronic Security Services and alarm monitoring. With a guaranteed 5-minute response time, they pride themselves on being thorough, efficient and socially sustainable. Each member of their team respects the unique dynamic of your function, awarding you with discerning but effective event security.


Recon Security

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Knowing, understand and helping you to achieve your event security objectives is Recon Security. They want to ensure a safe and stable environment for both your guests and staff at your function, servicing events in Auckland, Wellington and the rest of New Zealand. Recon Security works sports events, weddings, galas, celebrations and corporate events of every kind. They manage the flow of guests, infrastructure, money, lighting, fencing, barriers, signage, emergency procedures and more. All the fine details are taken care of when they’re around, bringing your event security to the highest level possible and helping everything to run as smoothly as possible.


Active Security Services

Image by Active Security Services

Auckland’s leading security services, Active Security Services, has everything from alarm systems to static guards. Their goal is to provide comprehensive security solutions to Auckland and beyond. When it comes to event security, they offer trained guards for all types of corporate and private functions. They balance your guests’ enjoyment with safety, prioritising health and safety, customer service, cooperation and collaboration between them and their clients, as well as being affordable. Active Security Services has over two decades of experience in event security, boasting over 150 highly-trained staff that are ready to guarantee a secure time at your function.


S.E.A.L Security

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S.E.A.L Security is one of Auckland’s largest event security companies. With professional and discerning security guards, they ensure a safe function throughout, specialising in providing event security, mobile patrols, alarm monitoring, property guarding and security service. They have been in the industry for over 5 years, offering both technical and practical event security solutions. Their staff is trained and offers static security, property guarding and mobile patrols on top of their event security. Trusted and reliable, S.E.A.L Security prides themselves on being as convenient and discreet as they are dependable.


Platform 4 Group

Image by Platform 4 Group

Hired guards, mobile patrols, alarm monitoring and more - Platform 4 Group brings event security and more to Auckland and Christchurch. Their services dip into all walks of life, including commercial, construction, events guards, film and television, hospitality, retail, schools and institutions and VIP protection. Their flexible and skilled team of individuals dedicate themselves to providing the best when it comes to your security, working with brands such as Volvo, NZEA, BMW, Rainbow’s End, Eden Park and more. Platform 4 Group knows that event security is a cumulation of a hundred details, from crowd control to parking, and work tirelessly to guarantee your peace of mind.


Red Badge Security

Image by Wired Smart

Event security specialists, Red Badge Security combines proven venue and event security services with a strong focus on providing the best experience for you and your guests. Their highly-trained and professional staff slot into the roles of suited, corporate security guards, crowd controllers, specialist backstage and barrier security, incident response teams and more.  They provide event security to significant events, stadiums, New Zealand’s largest concerts, multi-day festivals, arenas, function centres and bars, as well as private gatherings. Red Badge Security promises to uphold the reputation of your brand while providing you with personalised and methodical event security. They have worked with brands such as Westfield, ASB, Auckland City Council, Ticketek and more.


Allied Security

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Highly interactive and personal are the keys to Allied Security’s corporate and event security services. Offering staffed and comprehensive security, they dedicate themselves to being both courteous and professional hosts, as well as to monitoring the surroundings and offering trained responses to situations. They combine their skills to represent you as a client, understanding that they are synonymous with your brand when providing event security. Modern security requires modern solutions, which now features personalised touches and attention to detail alongside industry knowledge. Allied Security has worked with brands such as Lincoln University, Fonterra, Countdown, New Zealand Post Group, Wintec, Motat and many more.


October Protection

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October Protection began in 2005 and has accrued mountains of experience in event security since. Their mission is to change the perception of the security officer through the delivery of world-class, trained professionals, dedicated to protecting people and property in both the public and private sectors. They’ve seen a staggering growth of 8000% in recent years, signifying that companies are recognising their passion for security and safety in all its form throughout the nation. October Protection offers corporate security, static guarding, personal protection, bar security, surveillance, event security, mobile patrols, alarm response, security consultation and training, as well as CCTV installation.



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Security with a purpose is the motto of Armourguard. Your event security comes down to careful planning and an efficient team. Their services include ticket checking, crowd control, keeping the venue and surrounding items secure, assisting with parking, and evacuation and emergency protocol planning and management. Armourguard believes in having contingency plans for any and all foreseeable situations, leaving nothing up to chance so as to guarantee that your event security is foolproof. They don’t shy away from complex or varied jobs, putting in their best efforts and using their myriad of skills to bring you a hassle- and stress-free event, with core values of customer service, responsibility and ideal performance.


Guardex Security

Image by Guardex Security

Working with what you need, when and why, Guardex Security is all about providing tailored event security for you. They know that your guests are your top priority and strive to keep them both happy and safe. Their services include both front and back of house security, static security, emergency service liaisons, crowd control, evacuation mapping and methods, emergency planning procedures, mobile security patrols and CCTV surveillance. The officers at Guardex Security are trained to deal with any and all situations, keeping in mind their set strategies and customer satisfaction. The guards at Guardex Security also serve as gracious and professional hosts for your event, helping to support the elegance of your brand in perfect form.

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