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Tauranga Venues for Hire - The Complete Guide

by Raashka Mannie | 03 Mar 2020

Cocktails parties are an ideal balance of business and pleasure. Whether it’s team bonding, social networking or a chance to unwind with colleagues, they’re a must on every corporate social calendar. Tauranga, known for its breathtaking harbour views and rich history, offers spectacular venues for cocktail parties, ranging from polished hotel settings overlooking the water to the inspired backdrop of its ultra-modern gallery. If you're looking for the complete list of Tauranga venues, check it out here.

Tauranga Art Gallery

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Image by Tauranga Art Gallery Foundation

In the midst of the city, the Tauranga Art Gallery offers a bright and enthralling setting. It is a venue rich with colour and creativity, dedicated to representing Tauranga and its heart. Opened in 2007, it is a modern space with high ceilings and high standards. It’s able to host up to 180 guests and offers catering, as well as audiovisual equipment for those requiring so, and has a team dedicated to event management to ensure your cocktail night runs as smoothly as possible. It’s open for hire after the hours of the gallery’s usual functioning hours.


Trinity Wharf

trinity wharf, trinity wharf hotel, hotel venue, tauranga, cocktails, cocktail venue, cocktail party, tauranga venue
Image by Booking

Trinity Wharf is the quintessence of modern class. A luxury hotel settled within the centre of Tauranga, right on the edge of the water and moments away from the beach, it offers a contemporary yet relaxed vibe that is perfect for cocktail parties. It has 6 flexible event venues, can cater to up to 400 guests, and offers divine in-house catering. With its tranquil lounge bar and private pontoon and helicopter landing pads, it’s the very height of a well-equipped space. Trinity Wharf is conveniently a short drive from 3 of the North Island’s major city centres.


No. 1 The Strand

no 1 the strand, the strand, tauranga, cocktails, cocktail venue, cocktail party, tauranga venue,
Image by No. 1 The Strand

Once a warehouse built in the late 1880s, this venue offers a unique and charming space for any cocktail party. With rose gardens fringing the entrance, brick archways, a railway, and the wharf nearby, it is the epitome of Tauranga allure. It is available throughout the week after 5 pm, with a dedicated team for event planning and hiring. The venue is entirely flexible, with set menus to pick from and attentive staff to help you with all of your needs. No. 1 The Strand is conveniently and fittingly located on The Strand, right within the heart of the city.


Waverly on Wairoa

hawke's bay, wairoa river, waverly on wairoa, tauranga, cocktails, cocktail venue, cocktail party, tauranga venue
Image by Hawke's Bay NZ

Set on the edge of the sparkling Wairoa River, Waverly on Wairoa is a purpose-built venue with endless versatility. Minutes away from the city centre, it boasts natural views of Waimarino Adventure Park and can accommodate up to 140 guests. The staff are well-versed in event planning and coordination, able to recommend both local catering and exciting activities if the need arises. The venue allows for both outdoor and indoor space hire, with a generous deck overlooking Wairoa River and a spacious, airy interior.


Tauranga Club

tauranga club, tauranga harbour, tauranga, cocktails, cocktail venue, cocktail party, tauranga venue
Image by Tauranga Club

Offering panoramic views of the harbour, Tauranga Club is an exclusive and modern venue for a multitude of events. With multiple rooms and spaces to choose from, all overlooking the water, a team devoted to tailoring your event to your standards, and professional chefs to create a bespoke menu, it’s an ideal location for a cocktail party. Tauranga Club has 3 private, state-of-the-art rooms to choose from when planning your event and can host up to 120 guests. Located within the city centre, it prides itself on being a “home away from home” with its outstanding levels of utility and service.


Persimmon Lane Villa

persimmon lane villa, persimmon orchard, tauranga, cocktails, cocktail venue, cocktail party, tauranga venue
Image by Persimmon Lane Villa

Persimmon Lane Villa is a boutique venue that specialises in event planning and hosting. Minutes away from Tauranga CBD, this space blooms amidst English rose gardens and greenery, named after the persimmon orchard it was built upon. It is a unique cottage surrounded by foliage and weeping trees, making for the perfect place to relax. Their function room accommodates up to 60 guests and offers a rustic yet elegant vibe for any event. They also offer several menu options, with a chef delighted to design menus particular to your guests’ tastes.


The Yacht Club

the yacht club, sulphur point, tauranga harbour, tauranga, cocktails, cocktail venue, cocktail party, tauranga venue
Image by Sporty

Tucked away at the end of Sulphur Point, The Yacht Club is a beloved waterfront location for events. With gorgeous views of Tauranga Harbour and a wide deck to get all the closer to it, this venue boasts views of Mauao, Mount Maunganui and Matakana Island. It's able to host to up to 250 guests, provide carefully selected menus, and have a chef on-site to cater to your needs. The Yacht Club also has a team dedicated to event planning, hosting and management, and are happy to help you every step of the way with your cocktail party.



baycourt, baycourt performing arts centre, orchestra, tauranga, cocktails, cocktail venue, cocktail party, tauranga venue
Image by Baycourt

Baycourt is situated in downtown Tauranga and is considered a treasured part of the city and its heritage since 1983. Most notably known for its connection to the performing arts, it offers a capacity of over 500 guests and a bespoke orchestra for hire. It has multiple spaces within the venue itself to suit all functions, a fully-licensed bar, and a team on-site to help you with audiovisual needs, technical set up and so much more. Baycourt prizes itself on being a multipurpose venue and offers a whole host of support services for planning and designing your event no matter the occasion.


Mount Maunganui Golf Club

mount maunganui golf club, golf club, golf, tauranga, cocktails, cocktail venue, cocktail party, tauranga venue
Image by All Square Golf

Mount Maunganui Golf Club began in 1935, but the Clubhouse itself was only launched in 1998. As a result, this venue maintains a modern and stylish vibe as it overlooks the 18th green, with picturesque privacy that is a smattering of minutes away from Tauranga CBD and the airport. The Clubhouse has floor-to-ceiling windows, flooding the venue with natural light, and audiovisual equipment on demand. There are on-site caterers and a helpful events team to assist you with the planning of your cocktail party. Mount Maunganui Golf Club can host over 140 guests, and prides itself on its versatility and adaptability when it comes to hosting events.


Eagle Ridge

eagle ridge, ohauiti, tauranga, cocktails, cocktail venue, cocktail party, tauranga venue
Image by Grace Jones

Eagle Ridge is a 15-minute drive from Tauranga CBD and is situated on 15 acres of greenery on the hillside of Ohauiti. Built in 2001, it has a purpose-built, luxury events centre that offers both all the privacy and all the space you could desire. Featuring timber floors, chapel ceilings, a full bar, a sound system and crackling fireplace, this venue can host up to 250 guests and has a team exclusively for event hire and management. With its stunning views and exceptional service, Eagle Ridge offers the best of Tauranga cocktail venues in one gorgeous space.

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