Great Little Vineyards


In 2001, Kemp Wine Merchants was born of Daniel Kemp’s passion for fine wine. Daniel's intention was to find the finest small wine producers and connect them with top restaurants and trade. Great Little Vineyards was created 4 years later.

Over the course of the last 15 years, Kemp Wine Merchants and Great Little Vineyards have become synonymous with the most cutting edge and exceptional artisan wines produced in New Zealand and around the world. Never content with the ordinary, we’ve attracted a stable of the very best producers and connected them with a new breed of consumers who demand wines that stand out from the crowd, at every price point and varietal. We champion organic, bio-dynamic and natural farming. When possible, we prefer to focus on small production wines with a sense of place. Additionally, we seek out new exciting wines from cutting edge wineries that cover off all price points . We are the wine revolutionaries and think of ourselves as champions for those vineyards that deserve more recognition in a competitive market.


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