Jess' Underground Kitchen


Set your event apart in the simplest, most scrumptious way possible with our catering.

We're a team that, above all else, loves food. Delicious, healthy and fresh meals are our forte, handmade from the heart and tailored to your specifications. With everything whipped up from scratch, we cater to your event needs by crafting meals that your guests will never forget, whether you're after something zesty and new or tried and trusted. Our talented chefs are here to put together bespoke menus that reflect your function's tone from start to finish. Be it canapés and cocktails for fifty or a dinner for four hundred, we do it all. If you're a foodie that wants to wow their guests, we've got you covered. As a plus for all our eco-friendly event planners, all our walk-and-fork menus are plated in compostable serveware. Food and dining is more than just about eating, but the experience that it brings. Big flavours, fresh, seasonal and locally-sourced produce, free range meats, inspiring ingredients — all of this makes up a truly brilliant meal. Extraordinary events are made all the better by an extraordinary mouthful.


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