Dear White


Raw, Intimate and Real moments captured.

If you're looking for paparazzi for the day then I'm definitely not the right guy for you, BUUUUUUUT if you're wanting someone that's high on life (and self-diagnosed crazy), can crack a joke and is more of a friend then just a photographer, then look no further. I love mixing and mingling with everyone and just having a good time at the party myself (don't be surprised if I start dancing like a mad hatter with camera in hand <3 ) and love getting to know not just the wedding party but the guests too! After all, if they're important enough to be invited to your wedding, they're important enough :P And I'll be there to capture all their shenanigans. I love and specialise in capturing those real, intimate and raw moments as I feel that those are what will help bring back memories in the years to come! Whether it's your uncle singing "I WILL WALK 500 MILES" or your entire family doing the Macarena, those are the memories and images you'll want to share and look back on. And when the time is right to get a few of those epic shots to hang on your wall, I'll make sure you know exactly what to do to look like you both walked right out of a magazine! No need to stress about "I look derp in front of a camera!" cause I got your back! So, check out my work and flick me a message to see I'll be the right fit for your day!

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