Les Follies


Les Follies is here to bring you entertainment like none other, with a bang and burst of sparkle. We want to infuse your event with all the glitz and glamour of performances of every kind.

​Our mission is to provide an exciting and unforgettable entertainment experience. From the original creators of the world-class Encore live shows, Les Follies is here to bring your event to life with artistic vision, phenomenal choreography, direction and costuming. We have over 20 years of experience in the business and are here to be your trusted creative partner in event entertainment. Our team features a collection of exceptional dancers, singers, choreographers and more. With every function, we strive to push our boundaries and host a show that dazzles and delights. The inspiration behind Les Follies is a bewildering beauty - a reincarnation of Carolyn Norris' vision of the NZ Showgirl who is reimagined and revitalised in this millennium. We have worked with a series of incredible brands, including Huawei, The Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, TVNZ, RuPaul's Drag Race US, BMW and many more. Les Follies has put together thrilling and sensational shows for so many events in the past - let us help you to experience the same magic.

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