Congress Rental NZ


Leading Supplier of Interpretation & Microphone Equipment in NZ. With live conferences, there is no second chance! You need the best in the business standing by you to guarantee success.

Congress Rental New Zealand is a specialist provider of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment, Remote Online Interpretation, Microphone Conference Solutions, Audience Response Systems and Congress Solutions for Single and Multi-Language Meetings, Events and Conferences. We will ensure the successful implementation of our services at your next event. Our solutions make the process of adding Simultaneous Interpretation (SI) and Congress solutions to a conference or meeting simple and stress-free. The Congress Rental Team have been providing Simultaneous Interpretation Rental Services in Asia-Pacific for more than 20 years. We are the Leading and Largest supplier of Simultaneous Interpretation Rental Services in this region. Our equipment is new or near new as we are continually investing in new equipment and technologies. We aim to provide a perfect customer experience by using Audipack Booths and Bosch Interpretation Equipment. We are providing the best equipment available, anything else is a compromise. Our staff are the most experienced in the industry and are all certified by Bosch. Our goal is to have every client, partner and delegate we work with an advocate for future events. With live conferences and events, there is no second chance! You need the best in the business standing by you to guarantee success. That means working with a team of professionals who are experts in their field. It means using equipment and systems that have superior performance and reliability. It means accounting for every detail, no matter how small, and leaving nothing to chance. It means using Congress Rental New Zealand. Congress Rental offers the following services throughout New Zealand: · Simultaneous Interpretation Systems · Conference Microphones Systems · Silent Conference / Silent PA Systems · Remote Interpretation Systems · Audience Response Systems · One and Two-Way Tour Guide Systems · Automated Dome Cameras Integration · Whisper Systems for Interpretation · Thermal Fever Detection Camera Systems (COVID-19)


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