Out Of Office


Creative space for workshops, design sprints, away days and more...

Filled with light, whiteboards and air-conditioned for your comfort, Out Of Office is every meeting or workshop organiser’s dream. Check availability and book via their website: www.outofoffice.co.nz Ideal for half-day, full day or multiple day requirements – anything from workshops, and team planning days to design sprints and seminars. This thoughtful and considered space is sure to get everyone talking and those brimming ideas captured! Before you arrive, they’ll arrange the furniture to the layout you need so you can focus on what matters and get started stress-free. As an added bonus, they have all the workshop resources you could ever need. You name it, Post-its®, sharpies, a variety of pens and paper are all at your disposal, free of charge! The space includes: - A 4K TV - Video conferencing equipment - Adapters & Dongles - High speed WiFi - Mac Mini - Chromecast - Smart speaker - Whiteboards and markers - Sitting and standing desks - Kitchenette - Playlists for every mood - Spotify premium account Catering is easily available – they've teamed up with the best in the business and have options that work for any event, diet and budget. Get in touch today or head to their website to book: www.outofoffice.co.nz





Out Of Office




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