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The Top Queenstown Restaurants

by Raashka Mannie | 25 Jun 2020

Queenstown, famed for its cornucopia of local produce and wine-making prowess, is home to some of the best restaurants in all of New Zealand, many of which double as exciting venues. Restaurant venues are an ideal pick for a variety of reasons, from an established ambience to their overall structures, but the main reason is crystal clear: on-site catering. The Queenstown restaurant venues listed below specialise in hosting dinners, cocktail parties and so much more, whether you’re looking for quaint and cosy or something with a little more pizzazz. Here are some of the best Queenstown restaurants for you to choose from. If you're looking for a complete list of Queenstown venues, check this out.

White + Wong’s

queenstown venue, queenstown restaurant venue, queenstownImage by White + Wong's

White + Wong's is in the centre of Queenstown and is here to bring the flavours and atmospheres of Asia to New Zealand. With an innovative and refreshing "East meets West" menu that can be tailored to your event, they specialise in catering to your function and whipping up meals you’ll never forget. They serve the classics, from bang bang chicken to BBQ pork buns, and some with twists that you never knew you needed, such as Peking Duck and a variety of mouthwatering street cuisine. White + Wong's is a short 10km from the airport and can host anywhere from 12 to 62 guests.


Botswana Butchery

queenstown venue, queenstown restaurant venue, queenstownImage by Botswana Butchery

Botswana Butchery is part of the illustrious Good Group, bringing diverse menus and an atmosphere filled to the top with local Queenstown charm. Settled in Queenstown CBD, this restaurant doubles as a luxurious and flavourful venue that offers delicious on-site catering and room for up to 50 of your guests. Their emphasis on excellence has led them to be one of the premier restaurant venue choices in Queenstown, with à la carte dining options, roaring log fires, and locally sourced produce and wines. Botswana Butchery resides within Queenstown’s historic Archer’s Cottage and has serene views of the surrounding lake.


Canyon Food & Brew

queenstown venue, queenstown restaurant venue, queenstownImage by Canyon Food & Brew

Inspired by the adventures and activity of Queenstown, Canyon Food & Brew pride themselves on being as “fresh and flavourful” as possible in every aspect of the term. They serve classic pub favourites with a cheery, at ease atmosphere. Their menu is locally sourced, with The Brewery boasting a lighter après menu for something a little different. They’re a quick 10-minute drive from the centre of Queenstown, and an even quicker drive from the sparkling waters of Shotover River. Available for partial and exclusive hire, Canyon Food & Brew is a Queenstown restaurant that embodies the city itself.


Akarua Wines & Kitchen

Image by Akarua Wines & Kitchen

A historic cottage set in a gorgeous garden, Akarua Wines & Kitchen is focused on providing bespoke experiences and events. They boast 3 unique spaces for your function, as well as a garden setting for you and your guests to soak up the sun. Inside the homey cottage or beside a wood-burning pizza oven, Akarua Wines & Kitchen offers you the chance for a charming and relaxed event with delicious catering courtesy of their talented team. Be it a cocktail night, dinner, celebration or more, they can host up to 50 of your lucky guests.


Public Kitchen

queenstown venue, queenstown restaurant venue, queenstownImage by Public Kitchen

Public Kitchen is one of Queenstown’s first choices when it comes to cosy and comfortable restaurant venues. With Lake Wakatipu’s waters relaxing at their doorstep, they are a venue with unique décor and a relaxed vibe. They offer on-site catering credit to their talented chefs, with an impressive menu and homegrown, truly Kiwi ingredients. Permitting both exclusive and partial hire, Public Kitchen is an ideal spot for a laidback cocktail party or corporate event, with fine dining, delicious drinks (even a signature cocktail, if you’d like one) and views that leave you breathing sighs of utter contentment.


The Fat Lamb

Image by The Fat Lamb

The Fat Lamb is located in one of Queenstown's oldest buildings, Eureka House, and is a restaurant venue that specialises in rustic, farmhouse meals coupled with a warm atmosphere. Featuring a locally-sourced menu, this Queenstown venue goes out of their way to find the best of the best when it comes to ingredients. They also offer a domestic beverages list, with wines and craft beers that showcase the diversity and regionality of New Zealand. Perfect for dinners and cocktail parties, The Fat Lamb can entertain up to 150 guests.


Boardwalk Queenstown

Image by Boardwalk Queenstown

Boardwalk Queenstown is a beloved restaurant venue settled right on Steamer Wharf and offering beautiful views of the waterfront. With an eye for detail and a contemporary menu that knows no bounds, this Queenstown venue specialises in hosting cocktail parties, dinners, lunches and more. Incorporating local produce and seasonal ingredients into their menu, they create bespoke dining experiences for you and your guests, allowing for both private and partial hire of their space. Boardwalk Queenstown is filled with natural light and is a mere 10 km from the airport, serving as a lovely venue choice for more relaxed functions in the city.


Bella Cucina

Image by Bella Cucina

Bella Cucina is a Queenstown restaurant with a penchant for delicious Italian eats and a warm atmosphere. Fortunately for us, this restaurant also serves as a snug venue. Located in Queenstown’s Brecon Street Dining Precinct, Bella Cucina is the home of Italian dishes in Queenstown, having opened in 2008 and enjoyed roaring success ever since. They specialise in hosting dinners, lunches and cocktail events for you and your guests - anything that they can cater for with their extensive menu and talent. Their cosy space hosts up to 60 guests cocktail-style and 45 when dining, making for the ideal venue for smaller functions. Only 10 km from the airport, Bella Cucina is a welcoming restaurant venue that will have your Queenstown function the talk of the town.


New Orleans Hotel

Image by New Orleans Hotel

New Orleans Hotel was established in 1866 and lovingly restored in 2019 to reinstate its former charm. Originally Arrowtown's country pub, this Queenstown venue now serves as a restaurant that operates all year long and offers a slice of historic Arrowtown for all. Catering with a classic Kiwi lens, New Orleans Hotel's menu features local and seasonal ingredients. Their space is ideal for hosting intimate dinners, lunches and more, featuring a roaring fire in winter and sun-soaked balcony to take in the sights. The staff is friendly and always on hand to help with planning and running your function, offering a host of menu options and ensuring that your event is as comfortable as can be.


The Bunker

Image by The Bunker

The Bunker is a restaurant venue that is threaded down a hidden alley and tucked behind a wooden door. This function spot springs to life during the night and turns functions into events to rememberThey describe their menu as "rustic fine dining," specialising in European and Kiwi dishes that will wow your guests. With chef-crafted menu options, The Bunker is an ideal restaurant venue to host an intimate evening. Able to accommodate up to 100 people, The Bunker is available for both private and partial hire, featuring a private group dining room, cocktail bar and rooftop deck. Their venue is on the cosier side, making for extra attentive service and staff with an eye for detail.


The Grille by Eichardt’s

queenstown venue, queenstown restaurant venue, queenstownImage by Experience Queenstown

The Grille is part of a Queenstown brand, Eichardt’s, that has been around since 1867. Located on the lakefront, their venue offers space for up to 150 guests for gala dinners, corporate gatherings, cocktail parties and much more. The Grille is comprised of the 3 separate venues: The Restaurant, with lovely lakeside views and the options of both exclusive and partial hire; The Wine Room, the height of indulgence in a secluded room with a capacity of 12 and bordered by artisan wines; and The Parlour, an elegant space within Eichardt’s Private Hotel overlooking Queenstown Bay and Lake Wakatipu.


Ivy and Lola’s

queenstown venue, queenstown restaurant venue, queenstownImage by First Table

Ivy and Lola’s Kitchen and Bar is an award-winning restaurant located on Steamer Wharf in the middle of Queenstown. They’re locally-owned with an emphasis on comfort food and a relaxed atmosphere, with a scrumptious all-day menu, craft beer, delicious cocktails and wine list that proudly showcases Central Otago. They’re available for both partial and exclusive hire, able to host up to 60 guests, and can provide extra requirements (such as audiovisual equipment) upon request. Ivy and Lola’s is a warm, wholesome space, a stroll away from the waterfront and a top choice for a restaurant venue in Queenstown.


South Eatery by Mercure

queenstown venue, queenstown restaurant venue, queenstownImage by First Table

Mercure Queenstown Resort has breathtaking views of Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables. A gorgeous hotel venue with a professional, helpful team to steer your event towards success, the option of their South Eatery, with floor to ceiling windows and fantastic catering, is not to be missed. Besides their picturesque setting filled with natural light, South Eatery utilises modern dining and catering options, with their produce sourced locally and fine wines from the Central Otago region. South Eatery provides a classy and modern space for a restaurant venue, able to cater for over 40 of your guests.



queenstown venue, queenstown restaurant venue, queenstownImage by Experience Queenstown

Constructed in the early 1860s, Postmasters was once a cottage that now serves as a historic part of Arrowtown. It’s surrounded by flourishing gardens and a verandah that’s ideal for al fresco dining on balmy afternoons. Postmasters feature a seasonal menu, with local produce and fresh flavours, sourcing their wine from Central Otago. They allow for both partial and exclusive hire and are a 20-minute drive away from the centre of Queenstown. Postmasters is a beautifully preserved facet of Arrowtown, making for a charming and interesting space for any function.



queenstown venue, queenstown restaurant venue, queenstownImage by Southern PR

Yonder is a creative space that blends the traditional and the new with its historic building accented by modern touches. A revamped cottage from 1885, Yonder offers its space for a series of events, both large and small. A dedicated and seasoned functions manager will help you to plan and organise your event, including bespoke menus and styling, along with audiovisual equipment and assistance. Yonder has created their space with a focus on being unusual yet cozy, with features such as a pastel pink Victoria Arduino Black Eagle espresso machine and a framed Bill Murray portrait sitting over the fireplace. Their unconventional air is their main charm and ensures that they’re the fun-loving choice for a restaurant venue.


Blue Kanu

queenstown venue, queenstown restaurant venue, queenstownImage by Blue Kanu

Blue Kanu is a contemporary blend of both Pacifica and Asian style, culminating in the unique space that is “Polynasia.” Guests are treated to this extraordinary melding of culture through fresh and exotic dishes, accented with ancient spices and served on Polynesia tapa style plates. With a Hula hut-style bar ready to serve a variety of fun and delicious cocktails, Blue Kanu sets itself apart with its striking sense of culture and palette. Their atmosphere is highlighted by artwork from Deow, Peter Collins’ gorgeous carvings, and Bronc with his superb flax weaving. Blue Kanu is available for partial or exclusive hire and is an exciting option for a restaurant venue in Queenstown.



queenstown venue, queenstown restaurant venue, queenstownImage by First Table

As one of Queenstown’s longest operating restaurants, Britannia has a rich history and has been locally owned and operated for over 30 years. Their menu features both international cuisine and local delights, with produce sourced from Central Otago and special attention paid to their fresh seafood menu. They welcome smaller and larger parties, open to both partial and exclusive hire, and can cater for dining parties, cocktail events and so much more. Britannia is centrally located, a short stroll from the waterfront and surrounded by the whirlwind that is Queenstown’s thrilling city life.



queenstown venue, queenstown restaurant venue, queenstownImage by Pier

Pier Restaurant & Bar is settled right on Steamer Wharf and is a comfortable merging of the contemporary and the traditional in both ambience and dining. For this reason, they make such an endearing option for a restaurant venue (besides the serene waterfront views, of course). Able to cater for over 200 guests, Pier boasts the largest outside dining area in all of Queenstown, with the Remarkables serving as a spectacular backdrop to it all. Their team is both professional and cheerful, committed to making your event planning all the easier.



queenstown venue, queenstown restaurant venue, queenstownImage by Rātā

An eatery with oodles of natural light and a Kiwi touch, Rātā is nestled in the middle of Queenstown and strives to bring the taste of New Zealand to the palette of everyone who dines with them. They source organic, local ingredients, and their wine list showcases the best and most extraordinary from Central Otago and beyond. They accept both smaller, more intimate parties and larger ones, with a team dedicated to giving your event a taste of Queenstown. With an inspiring, contemporary feel, Rātā is one of Queenstown’s favourite restaurants.


Jervois Steak House

Image by Experience Queenstown

Jervois Steak House is a steakhouse that pours all its resources into the love and preparation of meat. They source their menu from far and wide and are also famous for their Red king crab, oysters, calamari, daily chicken and fish. Their menu focuses on classic flavours, and their atmosphere surrounds you in a cosy and comfortable space, flanked by exposed distressed timber and brick. Jervois Steak House can accommodate up to 250 guests, hosting anything from private dining events to canapé functions. Take in their modern and industrial lookup close whilst basking in their open fireplace.

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