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Audiovisual Suppliers for Events - The Complete Guide

by Raashka Mannie | 29 Oct 2020

When all is said and done, an event’s success boils down to its execution. Behind the curtain, audiovisual suppliers are the foundation of this execution, from sound systems and mic checks to making sure the lighting is just right. There are so many types of audiovisual suppliers available, from exclusive lighting styling and hire to interpretation and microphone equipment suppliers - all of which are essential for hosting an incredible and smooth event. Our list features some of the best audiovisual suppliers across the nation, whether they’re operating in niche categories or offering comprehensive solutions to your audiovisual needs.

Oceania Production

Image by Oceania Production

Your solution to premium sound, lighting, staging and screen partners in New Zealand for events of all sizes, Oceania Production is an audiovisual supplier that does a sweep of the industry’s needs. Not only do they provide everything you might need for a seamless function, but they also import and distribute world-class professional audio and lighting equipment. Whether it’s an outdoor concert or an indoor orchestra, they’ve got the perfect sound for you. If you’re not hosting anything quite that ambitious, Oceania Production is still the ideal answer for any audiovisual needs, supplying you with everything you need for meetings, conferences, seminars, launch parties, exhibitions and much more.


Corporate AV Services

Image by Corporate AV Services

A professional, specialist provider of audiovisual equipment for hire in Auckland, Corporate AV Services is here to ensure that your conference, meeting, lecture or more go precisely according to plan. They provide you with audiovisual equipment for hire, with a team that can help you along every step of the way to ensure that you have everything you need and more. Established two decades ago, these Auckland audiovisual suppliers operate based on integrity and reliability, priding themselves on thorough and careful work, as well as forming strong bonds with their clients. Corporate AV Services continue to evolve both as a team and equipment-wise, using only the best for your function.



Image by Vidcom

Audiovisual enthusiasts that have grown to be a trusted supplier in the community, Vidcom is based in Auckland and offers a full range of audiovisual solutions and products for events such as conferences, award dinners, exhibitions and more. They work closely with you, bringing their passion for the job along, guaranteeing that your vision will come to fruition. Established in 1999 in Wellington, they quickly expanded into Hamilton and Auckland. Vidcom draws on a balanced combination of creativity, technical expertise, project management skills and in-house resources to bring you the best of the best when it comes to audiovisual supplies that are both affordable and high-quality.


Congress Rental NZ

Image by Congress Rental NZ

Congress Rental NZ is the leading supplier of interpretation and microphone equipment in New Zealand. They’re based in Wellington but operate across the country - and do so without a hitch, given their expertise in virtual conferences, seminars, meetings and more. Congress Rental NZ is a specialist provider of simultaneous interpretation equipment, remote online interpretation, microphone conference solutions, audience response systems and congress solutions for single and multi-language meetings, events and conferences. Continually investing in new equipment and processes, their team is enthusiastic, thorough and attentive, helping you to put together events that run as smoothly as possible, having been in the business for more than two decades.



Image by 1Solution

1Solution for them all is quite right. A provider of short term, business-to-business rentals with high-quality equipment at competitive rates and exceptional service, this Auckland audiovisual supplier has a decade of experience in the industry - and it shows. They deliver, install and pack-down all their rentals, so you're free to concentrate on what is important. Technical support is available on all rentals, but not insisted upon, so the choice is up to you. It’s 1Solution’s goal that your function is as hassle-free as possible, offering as much or little help as you require, with a professional, friendly team available at all times. Be it a conference, meeting, gala dinner or more, they promise that your event will run to perfection.


Audio Visual Hire

Image by Audio Visual Hire

Audio Visual Hire is as straightforward as they sound. With over 15 years of experience in the field, they not only provide you with all the audiovisual equipment that you need for your event but also full delivery, setup and collection service timed to meet your requirements. Focused on customer satisfaction, their team has a finely-tuned order of operations and plenty of attention to detail. They offer personalised service and a full range of audiovisual equipment for hire in Auckland. Audio Visual Hire offers everything, be it short-term higher of a few audiovisual supplies or the complete repair of your much-loved data projector, adapting to your needs and doing their utmost to see that they’re met.



Image by Shipleys

It’s all about innovation with Shipleys, established in 1926 and leading the way in technology, customer service and audiovisual hire throughout New Zealand ever since. From remote conferencing to live streaming, they constantly keep up with the demands of their clientele, committed to working collaboratively with you. They know how much meaning your brand has and will do everything they can to deliver your message as clearly as possible. Shipleys not only does events but also production and installations. They’ve worked with brands and companies across New Zealand, known for their industry knowledge, professional service and high-quality audiovisual equipment.


V3 Tech

Image by V3 Tech

An audiovisual company that really does it all, V3 Tech is here to be your one-stop shop to setting up your event. From gala dinners and cocktail nights to concerts, conferences and more, they specialise in every function of every size. They offer webcast solutions, for webinars and more to reach your audience as smoothly as possible, audiovisual hire and set-up, staging (LED lights and more), lighting, and even drapery. When it comes to V3 Tech, there’s no part of your event they can’t cater to. Their audiovisual prowess stems from their knowledgeable team and top-of-the-line equipment, all available for hire to make your function the roaring success it’s destined to be.


TomTom Productions

Image by TomTom Productions

Choose between music, shows, galas, installations, conferences and every event you can think of - TomTom Productions can make it fabulous. “We design worlds with your audience in mind, then invite them to interact and explore,” they say. Thinking of your venue as a sandbox, audiovisual hire and equipment is a type of design to them, threading the needle until they achieve perfection for you. Based in Queenstown, they’re audiovisual suppliers with flair, bringing your event a sense of elegance and wonder that few can match. TomTom Productions base their audiovisual hire on three factors: immersion, creativity and effectivity. No matter your function, they promise that you and your guests will experience something remarkable.


Prompt Service

Image by Prompt Service

As efficient as they sound, Prompt Service is New Zealand’s number one autocue crew. They know what it’s like to hesitate, to stutter, to not have the right game plan in place for putting together the perfect production - so it’s their goal to erase all of that. The success of your shoot is vitally important, so every teleprompter, presidential prompter, Interrotron and confidence monitor is delivered by a professional technician with all of the appropriate equipment. Prompt Service can feed any number of screens simultaneously - anywhere in the world. They have worked with brands such as OSB, Sky Television, TVNZ, Mediaworks, Encore, Spyglass, Orange Productions, Uno Loco, The Production Company, Production Associates, AV Events and more for more than two decades, making them as good as they say they are.


Entertainment Solutions

Image by Entertainment Solutions

It’s as straightforward as it seems with Entertainment Solutions, audiovisual suppliers with over 25 years of experience. They come fully stocked with all the knowledge and equipment you could ever need for your event, including sound, lighting, furniture, draping and more. Entertainment Solutions does both personal and corporate events, perfect for meetings, conferences, launches, shows, gala dinners and other business events. Additionally, they sell pro audio equipment for commercial premises, or for you as a musician or a fan of quality sound. Based in Wanaka, they’ve made a name for themselves with their ever-expanding inventory, polished service and attention to detail.


Remarkable Audio

Image by Remarkable Audio

Kitted out with high-performance sound systems, Remarkable Audio endeavours to be true to their name. Audiovisual suppliers specialising in the audio aspect, they have provided professional production solutions to the Queenstown area for over 10 years. They love to do it all, from corporate events to concerts, priding themselves on flexibility and know-how. Their experienced and helpful staff will help you to plan and execute everything - even, if required, lighting. They offer projectors, screens, video distribution, large flat-screen TVs with pro stands, theatre lighting, DJ lighting, LED moving heads, LED theatre lights, lighting dimmer packs and control equipment, trussing, as well as lifting and rigging equipment. Remarkable Audio is a growing company that are genuine audiophiles.


Global Production Partners

Image by Global Production Partners

Designers, creators and more, Global Production Partners are a New Zealand-based production company that specialises in delivering technically advanced, industry-leading events across Australasia. They specialise in large and small events, such as concerts and corporate ventures, with a focus on providing quality designs that result in exceptional sound, lighting and video. It’s all about bringing you technical solutions to technical issues - removing the guesswork and stress from your work and planning, helping you to organise an event like none other. Global Production Partners have broken their audiovisual supplying into three categories: design, production and delivery. With them, you get the full package.



Image by Spyglass

It’s been 25 years of Spyglass delivering creative techniques and audiovisual technology to help create unforgettable events for clients in New Zealand. From world-class audiovisual event technology to their state-of-the-art motion graphics studio, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands with these audiovisual suppliers. They’ve worked with brands such as Flight Centre, Deloitte, Harcourts and many more to bring their stunning visions to life. Seamless events are the name of their game - and all Spyglass does is win. Located in both Auckland and Wellington, this audiovisual supplier offers audio, lighting, design, studios and virtual events. Whether it’s online or offline, it’s all about creating something extraordinary with a team of passionate individuals that strive to learn more each and every day.




Encore Event Technologies

Image by Encore Event Technologies

With more than three decades of experience in the field, Encore Event Technologies is one of New Zealand’s most experienced audiovisual suppliers. Their reputation has been built up solidly over the years, firm favourites for their unrivalled experience across audio visual, styling and theming, stage design, and multimedia content through to digital and social media event services. It’s about creating an award-winning experience with Encore Event Technologies - something that stands out like nothing else. These audiovisual suppliers work not just throughout New Zealand, but in Australia and Asia too. Their services include audiovisual suppliers, lighting, staging, production management, rigging, theming, styling, scenic panels, event renders, multimedia production, audience polling, webcasting, video conferences and so much more.


Multi-Media Systems

Image by Multi-Media Systems

Since 1974, Multi-Media Systems has been bringing all of New Zealand innovative and modern audiovisual solutions. Located across the country, in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, this audiovisual supplier was a family business established in 1974 out of a home garage. Since then, it has grown exponentially, turning into a trusted audiovisual supplier that has expanded its services into event staging with projectors, audio, staging, draping, screens, cycloramas, lighting and video conferencing, as well as production with graphic design, audience response systems, DVD/CD production and webcasting. Multi-Media Systems can cater to a myriad of events, from trade shows and exhibitions to meetings and conferences. They pride themselves on being a one-stop-shop for audiovisual solutions, enabling them to be with you, the client, from conception to execution.


Light Viking

Image by Light Viking

Light makers of New Zealand, Light Viking are solely the visual part of audiovisual suppliers. Specialising in marquee lighting, event hire and custom design, they began in 2012, starting as a husband and wife duo that simply love lighting. They believe in responsible practices, sustainability and supporting local business, and the lighting they make is backed up by their years of event industry experience, and commitment to excellent customer service. Light Viking has a ton of pre-made lighting for event hire - particularly weddings. Their lighting, otherwise known as Love Lighting, are sturdy, safe and aesthetically pleasing, with the "must-have" light quality of incandescent bulbs. With their custom light design, they create one of a kind, bespoke lighting signage - the perfect addition to all types of events, from trade shows to concerts, making a statement that is as eye-catching as it is memorable.



Image by Freeman Trebilcock

You can focus everything on your event with GigTV reaching out to interact with your mobile, and online audience - as well as they track who is tuning in. You can have the eyes on the world on you and rest assured that they’ll be taking care of how you’re seen, heard and received. GigTV provides online communication technology and services for events of all sizes. This audiovisual supplier has worked with brands such as Greentree, the Museum of New Zealand, RMLA, Health Informatics New Zealand and more. They’re hosting over 40,000 hours of interactive video, captured from over 10,000 presenters appearing at hundreds of events in New Zealand and beyond. In this day and age, your online presence matters more than ever - and GigTV knows how to make it count.


Radikal Neon

Image by Radikal Neon

From custom designs to premade beauty, Radikal Neon brings the visual to audiovisual suppliers. A specialist lighting company, they work tirelessly to create eco- and user-friendly LED neon lighting. It’s timeless when it’s said with neon, as well as noteworthy, and they want you to capitalise on that. From celebrations, cocktail parties and launches to runway shows and themed events, they want to make your corporate event unforgettable. They’re New Zealand’s number one signage company for a reason, having worked with brands such as Nike, Disney, YSL, Universal Studios, Apple, Ford and so many others. You can hire signs for a night or get something custom made to suit your tastes. They’re super easy to install and has a lifespan of up to 40,000 hours (around 4 years) of use.


La Lumiere

Image by La Lumiere

Another visual maestro in the audiovisual supplier category, La Lumiere is the unmatched lighting expert of Auckland. Bringing you custom lighting and draping designs for weddings and events, they now also free contactless delivery for Auckland with their DIY lighting kits. However, when it comes to corporate events, La Lumiere is unparalleled in their design, service and innovation. It’s not just lighting with them, but glowing statements of elegance, lighting your brand up and letting the atmosphere speak for itself. They add beauty and value to any event or occasion, with the latest low-energy lighting technologies, stunning designs, and friendly, individualised service. They breathe life into rooms and can make a space look as magical as you need it to be - all through the power of lighting.

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